What we Do

At Beviqua we have developed ecommerce solutions for all your beverage distribution requirements.

For 'straight talking distribution' have a look at our B2B solution www.drayman.co.uk an innovative solution covering all sectors of the UK market with nationwide distribution. We believe that brand owners and producers can do their best at brand building, whilst we take over and focus on the distribution for you. We only deal directly with producers and import the products ourselves, no agents or middle-men, our aim is be the champion of the small brands that can often struggle for marketplace visibility amongst the noise generated by multinational brands with vast marketing budgets. If you have a product that could benefit from UK market distribution then contact us at info@beviqua.com to discover your shortest and most efficient route to market. 

For our B2C customers we have www.cellier.co.uk which brings a fantastic range of wines, beers, spirits craft soft-drinks and gift ideas directly to UK consumers.With ultra-efficient logistical solutions, most products are delivered within a 24/48 hr time frame with free delivery on every purchase over £50. We are in the process of being able to offer same day delivery across most of London to retail customers too. 

if you are looking for a partner to increase your ex-cellars trade sales then speak to us, through our work with Enterprise Europe Network as well as other government agencies and trade bodies we look to connect trade buyers with the products they are looking for. We only ship from producers directly to the accounts of our customers in the excise warehouse of their choice and will work with the supplier's own logistics provider where possible to facilitate this. Through our ex-cellars brochure on this  website we will showcase your products to our clients and we will also work with you on regional exclusivity and volume restrictions. Think your product could benefit from our services? then email us at info@beviqua.com