Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

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With a higher alcohol content, it has a fuller mouthful with strong smoky notes and bright hop bitterness

We can trace the origins of Foreign Extra Stout back to 1801 and the original recipe of West Indies Porter

Full bodied palate of roast, fruity character

Best served chilled

Originally brewed to withstand long journeys, the use of higher gravity and more hops resulted in a bold tasting beer with a complex flavour profile

Beer drinkers who are looking to experiment in beers but want to ensure they choose a quality liquid

Foreign Extra Stout is a beer like no other. The most full-flavoured of all. Singular and striking. Uniquely satisfying. Brewed with extra hops and roasted barley for a natural bite. Bitter and sweet. Refreshingly crisp. Always rewarding. Pure beauty. Pure Guinness

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